Rosy has enjoyed being involved in design and photography over many years and relishes new subjects and challenges.
Her enthusiasm for photography has been prize winning and her pictures have been accepted for the Alamy Photolibrary. Her latest excitement is painting and drawing and helping to judge the BBC Countryfile Photo Competitions. See my blog article called “My Photography’.

All photographs not to be copied or published without written permission ©  Rosy Burke Design Associates



BBC Countryfile Photo Competition 2005 Judges Prize - John Craven presents the Trophy - 2009, 2010, 2011 appointed one of eight Long Listing Judges of the CompetitionBBC_Countryfile_Photo_Competition.html

National Trust/SeaBritain

Photo Competition Prizes  presented by ‘Lord Nelson’ at Dimbola Lodge Photography Museum, Isle of Wight

Best Small Business presented by Murray Walker at Banbury Business Awards 1996

BBC Meals in Minutes with Ainsley Harriott

Floral hobby horses designed for Banbury in Bloom

The award winning floral hobby horses at Banbury Cross

Illustrations and cartoons

Fund raising for the Fine Lady statue for Banbury Cross

Rosy has been a long-serving member of
• The Executive Board of Banbury & District Chamber of Commerce (since 1996)
• The Banbury in Bloom Committee (since 1988)

She also has long term involvement with

• The Fine Lady Upon A White Horse Appeal

• Sophie’s Silver Lining Fund - Sophie’s Log, BBC Radio play, theatre play, music festival, Silver Lining Fuschia

• Banbury Hobby Horse Festival - Official Photographer (since 2000)

Among others, past involvements include

• Banbury Charter Year
• Tooley’s Boatyard campaign and first establishment of the Canalboat Weekends

• Banbury Landmark Sculpture Trail

In her early days at Oxford Polytechnic she was commissioned for various projects:

• the first Oxford Family Planning Clinic - poster and leaflets - followed by County Council work

• Oxford Playhouse and Shaw Theatre, London - sets and posters for a Victorian melodrama starring Oz Clarke, Giles Brandreth and Michael Wood

• an animated film shown on the BBC2 called ‘Hell’